Welcome letter from the president

Dear Congress Participants, Sponsors and Expositors
The Microscopy World is constituted by a wide range of instruments and analysis methodologies that are in constant improvement. Microscopy equipment is needed in the fields of Science of Materials,  Biology, Metallurgy, Medicine, Physics, Pharmacy, Geology and Forensic Science with uncountable applications both in the industrial area and in the service sector .
A quick glance at the Microscopy history shows that since the patriarchs of the XVI Century New Science until the development of the XX Century Modern Science scientific meetings have been playing a key role in sharing the experience acquired in different fields of knowledge. In the beginning of this XXI Century the intense partnership has led us to a moment of convergence on different integrated technologies with equipment more and more unique in its capacity of providing answers to scientific and technological questions of higher and higher complexity.
The XXV Congress of the Brazilian Society  of Microscopy and Microanalysis – CSBMM 2015: Multidisciplinarity in Microscopy aims at attracting the most eminent national and international researchers to create an environment of intense exchange of experience with students, professionals and technicians in the Microscopy area. Brazil has been able to update its equipment park, so it is absolutely fundamental that the improvement in the instrumental capacity may be accompanied by the consolidation of an atmosphere of constant formation of high level human resources. SBMM considers that the presence of the research group leaders together with their researchers, technicians and students is very important. A scientifically stimulating environment would also be a window on the second meeting of friends and on the construction of new collaborations.
You are all invited to participate in the XXV Brazilian Congress of Microscopy which will be held on 7 – 10 Jun 2015 at Hotel Atlântico Búzios , in Armação dos Búzios, Rio de Janeiro.
I would like to thank the Scientific Organizing Commision in advance for all the preparation labour for the CSBMM and I am sure you will all take good profit from our Science meeting.
Best regards,

André Pinto
SBMM President

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