The Islet Study Group (ISG) is a branch of The European Society for the Study of Diabetes (EASD) that congregates researchers from different countries interested in pancreatic islets.
Since the beginning of the 90’s, the ISG have organized a symposium on the pancreatic islets that happens close to the EASD meetings.

Considering the expressive number of Brazilian scientists that annually attend the ISG symposium some of them were invited to organize the next meeting in Brazil.

Thus, during the meeting held in Steinschaler Dörf /Autriam (2009), it was decided that the 21th ISG will be organized in Natal, RN, May/2011. Natal was chosen due to its proximity to the USA and European countries, to be a warm and inviting city and to have all the facilities for the meeting. We hope to see you in Natal/Brazil in May, 2011.

With our best wishes,

Antonio Carlos Boschero
Everardo M. Carneiro