Visa to enter in Brazil is required for foreign nationals of some countries such as USA, Canada and Mexico. EU citizens usually do not need a visa to travel to Brazil. Please, check at a Brazilian consulate or embassy, in your country, if a visa is required (visa should be issued at your country of origin).


The climate in Natal is almost equatorial with an annual average temperature of 28°C, and the city is proud of having 300 days of sun per year. There is a constant breeze from the sea that helps keep the temperature under control. The rains appear generally in January, February and between June & August.

even in the colder winter season, average temperature in Natal is about 24 OC

- there is a concentration of rain from March to July;

- even at the peak of the wet season, the pluviosity levels in Natal are at only 200 mm

Other interesting info about climate in Natal:

- because Natal is near the Equatorial Line, the sun at midday will be right overhead nearly every day of the year.


We recommend light and/or sports attire, like cotton-made , and some summer season clothes for the night. And of course, do not forget to bring your swimming clothes and sun block protection!

Time zone

Natal, RN, is located at time zone -2:00 GMT. There are typically 3 hours less with respect to Western Europe and 2 hours more with respect to U.S. Eastern Time.

Electrical power
In Natal voltage is 220 V.

The national language is Portuguese. Don’t expect to find English speakers around the city.

The local currency is the Brazilian "Real", Major credit cards (Visa, Master, Amex, Diners and American Express) are widely accepted at most hotels, restaurants and stores. Visa is the most accepted.

It is advisable to bring with you only American Dollars or Euros. Any other currency might be difficult (or even impossible) to negotiate in the exchange offices.
Please do not expect to find ATM machines.

Tips and taxes
A 10% tip is usually already included in the bill at restaurants and bars. You are not obliged to pay this tip, but usually nobody complains. Of course you may leave a higher tip if you wish. If the tip is not included, it will be explicitly indicated in the bill. Usually, all prices have already included the Brazilian federal taxes. An exception could be the hotel prices, which may add a 5% to 10% tax to the given rates.

It is essential to have health insurance in Brazil, as hospital and medical fees are expensive. For most regions of the country you don't need to worry about vaccinations. Yellow fever shots are necessary however if you plan to visit the Amazon or Pantanal