Welcome to the 21st SOBRICE Conference,

It is a great pleasure to announce the upcoming Sobrice conference to be held from August 9 to August 11 at the Centro de Convenções Rebouças convention center.

The fields of Interventional Radiology and Endovascular Surgery have grown significantly and are now integrated as key specialties of multidisciplinary teams in leading centers in Brazil and around the world.

The impressive advance of oncology and the permanent participation of interventional radiology specialists in the referred teams have generated specific fields of interest such as interventional oncology, which entails minimally invasive treatments that have a major impact on the quality of life of patients undergoing ablations, chemoembolizations, radio frequency ablations, placement of long-term catheters, pain control procedures, etc.

Endovascular surgery, previously viewed as an atypical procedure, nowadays accounts for approximately 90% of artery surgeries performed at leading centers. Endovascular repair of aortic aneurisms, previously limited to infra-renal segments, has evolved through the use of branch endoprosthesis and other combined techniques that allow for minimally invasive treatments in the majority of the cases. Peripheral angioplasty is also a standard treatment for different types of arterial and venous injuries.

Neurointervention is also the treatment of choice nowadays for several central nervous system diseases. Neurointervention has grown significantly and has caused a major impact on the treatment of strokes, aneurisms, and vascular malformations.

Other embolization procedures to treat myoma, prostate, trauma, vascular malformation and to place TIPS and other devices have proved to be more beneficial than traditional therapies.

In line with the growth of this medical specialty, the Sobrice Conference has grown significantly year after year. For our forthcoming event, we prepared a comprehensive program focusing on such topics as endovascular surgery, interventional oncology, and interventional neuroradiology. The best news is that we have designated a special room for topics exclusively related to embolization in general. This has enabled us to organize an extensive event with a carefully detailed agenda to encompass all the topics under this specialty.

In addition, this year we will provide translation into English and Spanish, and we hope to attract the significant participation of our colleagues from Latin America.

It will be a pleasure to count on your participation,

Warmest regards and enjoy!!!

Chairman of the Scientific Committee
President of SOBRICE


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