FT-5 - Neoproterozoic syntectonic granitic magmatism in Santa Catarina, South Brazilian coast - crust and mantle contributions to granite generation within a transpressive orogen

Post-symposium field trip 5 days September 26th - 30th

Field trip leaders

  • Maria de Fatima Bitencourt (Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul)
  • Luana Florisbal (Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina)
  • Giuseppe Betino (Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul)
  • Amos Martini (Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul)
  • Roberto Weinberg (Monash University, Australia)

Number of participants: 20 to 24

Departure / Arrival

The field trip will start and end in Florianópolis (SC), Brazil.


The Florianópolis Batholith was constructed within a 40 Ma time-span (630-590 Ma), comprising syntectonic to anorogenic granites and composite dykes from high-K calc-alkaline to alkaline composition. A large part of these intrusions is syntectonic, their ascent and emplacement being controlled by major transcurrent structures, such as the Major Gercino Shear Zone (MGSZ), considered to mark the northern limit of the batholith. Coastal outcrops of Neoproterozoic granitic bodies of wide compositional range, many of them associated to coeval mafic magmas, will be visited within the MGSZ domain. To the north of this structure, selected coastal outcrops of a granite-migmatite complex will ensure thought-provoking discussions about the generation and ponding of granitic magmas from water-fluxed melting of amphibolites, quartzo-feldspathic gneisses and other potential Archean to Paleoproterozoic sources. Syntranscurrence granitic magmatism from this region is similar in time and compositional diversity to the one found within the Florianópolis Batholith, but shows distinct isotopic signatures and source characteristics. The large variety in composition and structure will enable participants to think over themes like crustal vs mantle sources, structural control of the magma bodies, geotectonic setting of granite generation and space-time relations. These and many other modern themes in granite generation will be discussed in the pleasant scenario of the Santa Catarina Coast.

Provisional Program

Day 1 - Long-lasting magmatic activity within the MGSZ - high-K calcalkaline, shoshonitic and alkaline syntectonic granitic magmatism - region of Porto Belo-Bombinhas

Day 2 - Syntectonic composite dykes of the Zimbros Bay and late stages of the MGSZ - region of Porto Belo-Bombinhas

Day 3 - The Camboriú granite-migmatite complex and the generation of the Itapema Granite - region of Itapema-Camboriú

Day 4 - Peraluminous granites intrusive in metasedimentary rocks - Nova Trento region

Day 5 - Syntectonic granites within low-strain zones of the Florianópolis Batholith and intrusive Cretaceous composite dykes - Garopaba-Pinheira region. Return do Florianópolis

The participants will meet at the Oceania Hotel (Florianópolis, SC) at 8 AM on the 26th September, 2015 (departure). The field trip will end at 8 PM on September 30th (Saturday) at the Florianópolis Airport (Florianópolis, SC) for participants to catch their flights back home.

Contact: Maria de Fatima Bitencourt (O endereço de e-mail address está sendo protegido de spambots. Você precisa ativar o JavaScript enabled para vê-lo. )

Price: 600$US

The trip includes a field guide, breakfast, packed lunch, dinners, accommodation (double room) and transport from 26th September (Oceania Hotel, Florianópolis, SC) to 30th September (Florianópolis Airport, Florianópolis, SC)